Mehab Samen, Provider of Specialized Engineering Consulting Services Since 1999

Technical Inspection

Control and conformity of work performed with standard specifications, review and confirmation of efficiency, technical control of tools, equipment, and machinery in the construction phase, calibration, and materials and methods used in the production of a part or industrial unit

Oil and Gas

Performing preliminary technical studies and economic justification, as well as detailed optimization, for the establishment of pump stations, compressor stations, warehouses, storage tanks, oil terminals, and oil and gas transmission and distribution lines.

Water and Wastewater Facilities

Feasibility studies, conducting studies, and preparing plans for the collection lines of water intake facilities, water collection and transfer, water distribution networks, and sewage collection.

Banking & Credit Investment Consulting

Provision of credit consultancy and banking investment services in the field of feasibility (Grade C – 2) and supervision (Grade B – 3), in line with the realization of defined policies, utilizing bank facilities, participatory securities, R.O.T B.O.T financing, Buyback, Article 56, and…


Preparation of topographic maps, urban and agricultural cadastral surveys, urban registration in various scales, implementation of urban and regional development plans, routes for pipelines and power transmission, longitudinal and transverse sections preparation, volume estimation of operations, and soil elevation model preparation through micro-geodesy techniques

Irrigation and Drainage

Feasibility studies of surface and underground water resources studies, water planning and economics, integration of water resources. Surface and underground water supply, study and design of water supply networks, diversion facilities, diversion dams up to a height of five meters.

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